Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A person so dear a topic so near (to my heart)

Its just 3 hrs since i created my first blog n i cudnt resist myself frm writting another one.... dedicated to the person,the aura ,the force which has been my guiding light,my idol.. who else but Mahraj..

प्रौध्प्रताप पुरंदर गोब्राह्मण प्रतिपालक हिन्दवी स्वराज्य संश्तापक
क्षत्रियाकुलावान्तौस महराजधिराज श्रीमंत शिव छत्रपति शिवाजी महराज

My first encounter with mahraj was wen i was abt 4-5 years old..mummas boy as i was then(n still) i was THE BESTEST BOY in this world for my mumma..but still my mom always told me stories of a boy called shivba..n i just hated that guy.. i mean SHE IS MY MUMMA SHE SHUD PRAISE ME....WHY DOES SHE PRAISE SHIVBA??? WHY DOES SHE WANTS ME TO BE LIKE HIM??? that was the LOGIC of a 4-5 yr old baccha. lolls... but yes as the days passed n i came to know more n more abt the boy called Shivba.. I accepted the fact that yes SHIVBA IS THE BOY THAT EVERY MOTHER WUD BE PROUD TO HAVE. I realised how Impossible it was ... not to be him...but also be just even 1% of him...

I wondered wud i ever be able to love n fight for my country as fearlessly he loved n fought???
wud i be able to unite my people as he did????
wud i ever be able to make my mom,my family,my people,my country as proud as he made???
wud i ever be able to fight for the ashes of my fathers n temples of my gods.. as he did???
n i was just clueless.. chotasa baccha n dher saare saawal...

as I grew up Mahraj becam more n more inspiring figure for me.. i started making comparisons..
at age of 16 mahraj conquered torna.. n i??? i was conquering derivatives n integrations..I bet Torna was much much easy than Integrations n derivatives.. lolls.

The first book i read abt mahraj was श्रीमान योगी i read that wen i was in std 5 hmm.... age 10..yup..
that book has still left its impact on me...I am just left clueless as how can a guy comand such enormous respect at the small age of 16.. what was it that made him fight against the adversaries who were thrice is age,ten times his experience, n god knows how much times stronger...wen it came to military power..

माह्राजन्वर जितका बोलू तितका कमीच आहे,त्यांचे स्तुति करणे त्यांच्या प्रतिमेला न्याय देणे माझ्या कुवतीत नाही...लहान तोंडी मोठा घास होइल तो।

३०० वर्ष माहराष्ट्र पर्तान्त्र्याच्या अंधारात पिचत होता..रडत होता खणत होता॥
गावा गावात देवांची वीतंबाना होत होती,मई बहिनिंच्या अब्रुचे धिन्धव्दे निघत होते।
सनातन धर्म हिंदू संस्कृति,आणि मानवतेला रोज रोज कालिमा फासला जात होता
अश्या ह्या गृहनास्पद जीवनाला लोक हैरान झाले होते, एखाद्या दैवी अव्तार्ची आतुरतेने वाट पाहात होते,
अणि म्लेंच त्यांच्या ह्या वेद्य आशेवर मनमुराद हसत होते हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा
मन्दिर तोडत होते अणि महनत होते

"ए बूते काफरन बता तेरी अजमत बता तेरी हुकमत..."
देवसुधा का म्हानानर ????

भेकदांचे देवसुद्धा भेकड असतात॥

3oo years mahrashtra was slave.. enslaved by darkness..n ghory n fanatics of highest orders..
each badshah who ruled mahrashtra was more pschyopath than the previous..the stories of them wud make entire mankind hang its head by shame..

the list n ways of atrocities is tooooooooooooooooooooo long to be mentioned here...n that is not what i am writtingthese blog for...

Some consider mahraj as a reincarnation of shiva they worship him as a god.some think he wasan EXTRAORDINARY MAN but I strongly feel that HE WAS JUST A NORMAL HUMAN
or else how is it possible that the man who gave a kingdom, a roof to millions.. today is so forgotten that his statue in raigad, his capital fort is at the mercy of natures forces...

(time for dinner ..... will write later)