Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wonderful Gift

shree ganeshay namah

Jari udharni wyaya na tichya ho sacha
ha wyarth bhar vidyecha

My all time favourite quote.. which means If the knowledge which i gain cannot be used for betterment of my motherland.. then its nothing more than a burden..

today I have learned something,I have learnt to blog.. may this blog of mine have its share in the service of motherland.. yu may ask how???

well the answer is .. this is the place where m gonna express myself.. m gonna speak out my thougts.. this will be the place where i will communicate with ppl.

"all greatest revolutions in the history of mankind have begun
just by the magic of spoken words'

So m gonna speak here.. who knows it might spark some kind of revolution somewere someday.. who knows????

yu may call it certanity waiting for an oppurtunity.

If someday somewere it does happen as i say.. i wont be the sole epicentre of it.. an equal cruical part is played by my friend Manjiri in it.. she s d gal i met on orkut.. she has gifted me this blog today.. n this is one of THE MOST wonderful gift i ever got till date... thnks wont be enuff manjari.. u deserve more than that...

long live our friendship cheers buddy..

1 comment:

  1. m speechless
    cant wait to see u "expressing"
    happy blogging buddy